Tonight In Food TV: Next Iron Chef Redemption Tackles Cow Heads

If Alton Brown and The Chairman trapped us in an airplane hangar and then drove a bunch of enormous, sketchy, unmarked trucks into it, we’d be nervous. The final six competitors on Next Iron Chef: Redemption are no less skittish about what’s to be unveiled on tonight’s episode, either. This week’s challenge: cow heads. Specifically, an auction to see who can cook them the fastest.

Marcel Vigneron claims he can cook a cow head in an hour. Elizabeth Faulkner can do it in 55 minutes. We’re sorry, are we the only ones who would prefer our cowheads properly cooked rather than subject to reality competition clocks?! We don’t even want to know what gastrointestinal wonders befall a judge who eats undercooked cow face. Sorry, Donatella, Geoffrey, and Simon.

Check out a sneak preview below.

  • KWDragon

    In an effort to NOT spoil this episode for anyone who has not yet watched it, I will not name names, but the elimination last night was totally unjustified.

    If Alton really is rockin’ a save card in his back pocket, it should have been spent last night. That smelled like a set-up from the get-go, and I think the judges were incorrect in their assessments.

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