And The Winner Of Next Iron Chef: Redemption Is…

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli! It was a heated Kitchen Stadium battle between two of our all-time favorite lady chefs, but, after having their dishes put up to an esteemed panel of Iron Chef judges, Alex edged out Amanda Freitag for redemption.

Check back tomorrow for a full roundup, but for now, our hats go off to Iron Chef Guarnaschelli.

  • guido911

    Very deserving.

  • FessorFrink

    Knew if it was down to Freitag and Guarnaschelli it would be a 50-50 toss-up. It was as close as predicted and both were deserving. Was rooting somewhat for Alex, both both deserved it. Iron chef need need a female chef and they got one of the best.

  • KWDragon

    Agree with both previous comments. I would add, I hoped Alton would use his mythical “save card,” conspire with The Chairman and take them both!

    What a Happy Holiday THAT would have been.

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