Padma Lakshmi & Questlove Busted Cracking Asian Jokes (UPDATED)

Ohhh, you guys, we almost made it through the Christmas Eve work day without any stories about racism popping up in our newsfeed. Sadly, Oh No They Didn’t managed to snag this screenshot from Questlove’s Instagram account, in which he asks his (Asian) manager while on tour in Japan, “Hey @dawnenglehart is it racist for me to write the Sour Tlain? #chipanesedownunder2013.”

For what it’s worth, Dawn Englehart responded, “Nah you’re in The Loots. You’re … Arrowed.”

Padma Lakshmi, with whom Quest recently shared the screen in a Top Chef Quickfire chimed in, “Hahahaha ha! You ruys clack me lup,” and after angry comments, replied, “and I get a yellow pass anyway.”

Of course, the offending post has been deleted. We’ve reached out to PR for comment, because we’re filled with the Christmas spirit. We’ll keep you updated, because we’re sure you are, too.

UPDATE (12/27 at 12:30 PM EST): A very sensitive Questlove responded and apologized for his offensive statements on Facebook, and has officially reached the gold standard for racism apologias. This is how it’s done:

in hindsight, it’s easy to see how my post was yet another example of the ugly, american flipping yet another ugly/racially/culturally insensitive script. so, let me make this abundantly clear….


…i’m a human being and dumber yet, i’m a public figure. if you’re lucky enough to be either of the aforementioned, then not only should one stay clear of saying or writing hurtful things, one should actively work against feeling comfortable, thinking hurtful thoughts. given that black culture consistently finds itself at the butt end of so many offensive “outsider” jokes, I should be way, way more sensitive (after all, who’s zooming who). I for one, should never allow my cultural bias to take precedence over my “examined life” (clunkers be damned). i know the whole kinder and gentler thing reeks of a self serving political correctness, but eff it, it’s “all me”.

For the record, Padma Lakshmi has yet to come out with her own statement, sensitive or “#sorrynotsorry” otherwise.


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  • tctw

    If you read the entire ONTD article it demonstrates Questlove is a serial racist going back years.

    Seems he can’t be around East Asians without making racist comments or breaking into East Asian pidgin.

    As for Padma Lakshmi , someone needs to break it to her that she doesn’t get “a yellow pass”. Just because one is born in Asia doesn’t make them (since Padma wants to use colors) yellow/Mongoloid/East Asian. Sorry to burst her desire-to-have-minority-status bubble, but Padma is white/Caucasoid/Indo-European/Indo-Aryan). What makes her think someone from India gets to make mockingly racist jokes about East Asians?

    Where is The Braiser’s righteous indignation and outrage that was spewed at Paula Deen, who spawned over 100 nasty posts in just a few months?

    Paula Deen got vitriolic spittle-flying condemnation.

    Questlove and Padma get “meh”.

    Typical Braiser double standard.

  • tctw

    Mariella Mosthof wrote: “This is how it’s done:”

    Agreed. Good on Questlove. That was a real apology, not the weak non-apology apology that starts and ends with “I am sorry if I offended anyone”.

    “For the record, Padma Lakshmi has yet to come out with her own statement, sensitive or “#sorrynotsorry” otherwise. ”

    I don’t expect an apology soon. She thinks she is East Asian and so it is ok, plus she doesn’t seem the type to be contrite about much.

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