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WATCH: For $1000, Padma Lakshmi Let A Strange Man Eat Ham Off Her Body

Image credit: Jessica Sidman (@jsidman)Our recap of last night’s DC Central Kitchen Food Fight, the biggest culinary fundraiser in our nation’s capital, is forthcoming. By all accounts the night was a success, raising over $600,000 to battle hunger. But for now we’d like to highlight some of the more peculiar ways that they managed to raise less than 1% of those funds, namely: letting people eat Iberico ham off your body (if you’re Padma Lakshmi), or spoon-feeding people iguana meat (if you’re Anthony Bourdain and/or Andrew Zimmern.)

No, we are not making this up. See the below photos:

And lest you still do not believe, this upside-down video should be enough proof that this real life pork porno did, in fact, happen.

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