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Parents of Woman Killed in DWI Sue Hooters for Serving Driver Too Much Alcohol

The parents of a Louisiana woman killed by a drunk driver are now suing Hooters for $32 million for getting their daughter’s killer too drunk.

While Derek McBride is currently serving an 8-year sentence for intoxication manslaughter, Melba and Brent Breaud have filed a suit against the boob palace for being an accessory in the death of their daughter, 32-year-old Amber Roussel.

According to 12 News Now, McBride and his friends consumed the following beverages before deciding to fatefully race cars along a highway:

Melba Breaud’s attorney Alton Todd showed the jury how much McBride had to drink by setting out six 24-ounce beer mugs known as “Big Daddy’s” at the Hooters restaurant and two shot glasses.

According to math, that is essentially twelve beers and two shots, which, for an average-sized man, is a terrible idea.

In their own defense, Hooters will argue that it wasn’t their alcohol that prompted McBride to go drag racing down a highway at night while inebriated. It’s never alcohol’s fault. Never. All Hooters does is really good boobs, and boobs are never the reason that a 13-year-old girl has lost her mother in a terrible drunk driving accident. Boobs are blameless.

[12 News Now]

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