Paula Deen To Be Turned Into A Comic Book Heroine Of ‘Female Empowerment’

We are almost blind in our crusade to champion lady chefs, and so when we saw the name of a chef, and the words “comic book” and “female empowerment” in the same sentence, we were nearly blown over. OH BUT WAIT. That female empowering chef to be immortalized in comic form is Paula Deen. So, no.

According to Reuters:

Bluewater Productions, which publishes a series of female celebrity-driven comic books, said the biography comic book called ‘Female Force: Paula Deen’ will be released in October and include Deen’s fall from grace.”

They’ve also published comics starring the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, and they insist that they would portray Paula in a positive light, focusing on the growth of her empire, rather than its tragic, racist downfall.

“We’re moving forward with this ‘Female Force’ series because she fits in with women like Julia Child and Barbara Walters,” Bluewater President Darren G. Davis said. “We’re not going to flambé her.”

They had apparently reached out to her once pre-scandal for a partnership, but she didn’t respond. Now, they’re moving on with the comic on the grounds that “she really changed cooking — and Southern cooking — for women.”

Any proceeds made off the comic would go directly to a charity of Deen’s choice, says the publisher, and she wouldn’t take a cut of the sales.

We don’t really understand what’s happening here, but for the love of god, if anyone knows anything about Julia Child or Barbara Walters using racial slurs, please keep it to yourself.


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  • Bluewater Productions

    This story is reported false. I complained to Rueters about it because it is NOT about the fall of Paula Deen at all. I am the publisher – it is a female empowerment story. Here is the press release. Once again – we do not at all slam her in the book. The point of the story is that we still think she is a role mode and we are still doing the book.


    Despite the recent media hailstorm and public criticism aimed at celebrity chef Paula Deen for inflammatory racial remarks, Bluewater Productions announced that it will not change plans to publish its “Female Force” biography comic book title featuring the embattled TV personality due out this fall.

    “We do not condone her use of racial insensitivities, and think that intolerance has no place in a just society, said Bluewater’s president Darren G. Davis, “But despite her recent failings, we also strongly believe she still has a powerful story to tell; one that fits the female empowerment model of our books.”

    The book, which has been in production for several months prior to the recent negative revelations, does not look to reward or disparage Deen, but frame her story as an entrepreneur who transformed a home-based catering service into a culinary empire.

    “Under the greatest scrutiny, many of our heroes let us down, but we also believe in the power of redemption,” Davis added, “In all biographies there are chapters full of great accomplishments and those full of challenges. I believe Ms. Deen’s story is not yet completely written.”

    Davis notes that the latest controversy will be added to the final draft, but the majority of the comic book will focus on how she became an iconic brand, the challenges of her humble beginnings and the results of bursting certain stereotypes.

    “Female Force: Paula Deen” writer Michael Troy said “Paula Deen is still an inspirational woman who has suffered much adversity in her life and overcome many obstacles. Her story is fascinating and it’s easy to see why Bluewater would consider her for their Female Force line of Biography comic books that on powerful women.”

    The book has been scheduled for a October release with a cover by Nathan Girten. “I had a lot of fun working on this piece with bluewater. Its a very interesting thing to get a second request to illustrate a cooking icon”

    “Female Force” has featured actors, politicians, authors, and musicians—everyone from Angelina Jolie, Hillary Clinton, Ellen DeGeneres, Sonia Sotomayor, Michelle Obama, Gabrielle Giffords, Condoleezza Rice to J.K. Rowling, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Cher. These biographical comics, written by some of the most talented writers in the comic world and beyond, deliver an informed and illustrated look into the lives of these figures.

    Bluewater has also used their “Female Force” series as an outlet to broaden awareness on important challenges that face many people. In “Female Force: Carrie Fisher,” the former Star Wars actress bravely shares her lifelong struggle with bipolar disorder. Proceeds from the comic book sales are donated to Silver Hill Hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut, a facility specializing in mental disorders.

    “Female Force” has been embraced by the media and featured on several television news outlets including The Today Show and on CNN. The series has also been featured in many publications such as The LA Times,, Time Magazine, and People Magazine. Future titles will feature Gloria Steinem, The Queen of England, Helen Gurley Brown, Melinda Gates, and Mary Pickford.

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