Paula Deen FIRES Her Agent

You didn’t think that Paula Deen updates would rest just because it’s America’s birthday weekend, did you? You’re so silly. The latest stop on the Buttery Racism Train is Paula releasing some of her unconscionable stress by firing her agent. Like all good celebrities in PR disaster meltdown mode, Paula has taken it upon herself to blame her handlers for their damage control shortcomings, and make heads roll.

According to TMZ:

Deen’s rep, Elana Weiss, said in a statement that Deen “has separated from” New York agent Barry Weiner.

Weiss went on to say that Deen and her family Weiss “thank him for the tireless effort and dedication over the many years.”

Thanks for all your help, Barry. If only you could have stopped every single one of her national sponsors from dropping her. Then again, with only a wee handful of regional sponsors left supporting her and only a magazine to run, perhaps Paula simply doesn’t need an agent any more. Maybe she’s taking a page out of Martha Stewart’s book and downsizing after her projected millions of dollars worth of loss for this year.

Her ex-rep made no bones about the fact that she thought Paula was poorly coached following the leak of the deposition in which she admitted to using the n-word and wanting a plantation-themed wedding with slave-themed waiters and master-themed guests. “Experts” agreed that canceling her first Today Show appearance was a crucial mistake in managing her image. You really should have dragged her out of that hotel room she had locked herself in, and forced her to make the appearance, Barry. This is all your fault. Clearly.


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  • tctw

    “Paula has taken it upon herself to blame her handlers for their damage control shortcomings…”

    I missed the part where she “blamed” Barry Weiner for anything.

  • bobbyc2

    You didn’t miss anything at all. The “writer” of this column has shown her bias by slamming Paula Deen for anything and everything (much like her cohorts on Mediaite who slam anyone remotely “conservative” or someone who doesn’t bow down to the Liberal cause.

    I watch Food Network all the time, and I’ve seen a few of Paula’s shows but not many as I don’t think she is that great. I usually see her when she is a guest on one of the other Food Networks show such as “Next Food Network Star”.

    Paula did screw up by not going on the Today Show when this first came up. Then she screwed up again by doing the “apology videos” (which were useless and just turned people against her). All of the major sponsors like Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, Home Depot, etc., dropped Paula because of the bad image the videos showed. They were thinking of their “bottom line” which is understandable.

    Then there are the liberal TV (MSNBC) hosts and media columnists who have jumped on this with both feet screaming “RACIST” all the while searching for their pens to start the slam fest all over again.

    I’m about 10 years younger than Paula Deen and heard the “n-word” my whole childhood as my maternal grandfather was from West Virginia and only used derogatory terms when it came to “African-Americans”.

    Paula Deen screwed up royally and is paying for it with the loss of her sponsors and some viewers. Given enough time, and the lack of TV hosts and columnists who can’t let go, it will go away. It will take a few years, because Paula “put her foot in her mouth all the way to her ass” on this one. Paula was wrong, but everyone deserves a second chance.

  • bridgette12

    I don’t think someone deserves a second chance when she wants to blame someone else for her screw-ups and don’t take responsibility for her mistakes. It’s the same way some people want to blame the liberal press or neo cons for everything, instead of holding the individuals who screwed up responsible for their actions. Paula’s brother is a drunk, an incompetent and a man of preyed upon his underage female employees for sex and Paula enabled him. If you don’t believe it, read the deposition instead of blindly following Paula Dean.

  • bobbyc2

    I don’t “blindly” follow anyone with the exception of my wife. As I stated above the only time I watch Paula Deen on Food Network is when she is a guest on a different show. Other than that, I could care less what she does.

    I do agree that Paula’s brother seems to be “pond scum” from what I’ve read over the last few weeks. Paula should have fired her brother instead of her publicist, but that is not what happened.

    Paula used the “n-word” over 30 years ago, and the USA has changed a lot over those 30 years. Some words are now considered “hate speech”, at least in the eyes of the Political Correctness Police, unless of course the person using the term is Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc.

    Paula will pay dearly for her long ago indescretion, her “empire” has lost well over half of its pre-scandal value, but in time people will forgive and/or forget as that is human nature. But so long as the media keeps mentioning the incident in an effort to raise their ratings (MSNBC, CNN, HLN and The Braiser) the time span needed for forgiveness/forgetfullness will keep expanding.

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