WATCH: Paula Deen’s Tennessee Retail Store Opens To Hoards of (White) Fans

Paula Deen debuted a new retail cookware outlet in Tennessee called The Paula Deen Store, and she was met at the grand opening by hoards of screaming (white) fans. There were a couple of non-white small children on hand for a photo op with The Boys and Girls Club, to whom Paula donated $10,000 as a gift to her new community. And then there was her body guard whose above face really mirrors everything we’re thinking and feeling.

Check out the local report below.

  • pj30

    Who cares what color her fans are?

  • ModerateMan

    That crowd is almost as white as a Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert crowd.

  • bobbyc2

    I thought the Abrams Media group lost its “race baiter” when Tommy Christopher left. It looks like I was wrong.

  • pj30

    7 days for moderation? Wow.

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