Play The Interactive Paula Deen Game: Paula’s Peril (WARNING HIGHLY ADDICTIVE)

TMZ, a.k.a. Official News Network of the Paula Deen Racism Scandal, might be suffering from just a twinge of Deen fatigue, so they created this highly addictive, retro-recreational Paula Deen game, which we warn you to play at your own risk.

Hopefully, you’re still basking by the pool this holiday weekend with a fridge full of leftovers from yesterday’s cookout, but if you’re stuck indoors and need a brainbreak, give Paula’s Peril a whirl.

The object is to make Paula catch as many falling sponsorship logos in as she can (every time you get one, she screams a little “woo hoo!”), without letting any fall. (If you do let one fall, the voice of a Deen son chastises you with a solemn “dang it, y’all.”) The more sponsorships you let fall, the higher your Partner Anger level rises. When your Partner Anger maxes out, sticks of butter start stabbing Paula at the bottom of the screen (“AH! Buh-ter!”), and every stab takes one of your three Paulas away from you. When all your Paulas are gone, you’ve lost the game.

Check out Paula’s Peril here, but beware: if you become too invested, you will accomplish approximately nothing for the rest of the day. This message brought to you by the Paula’s Peril Temperance League.


  • georgiegirl

    Too bad this country can’t be half as outraged at the comments/actions of our politicians (GOP Senators and Congressmen), our talk show hosts, celebrities and sports figures.
    There is no other word that, to me, is more disrespectful, demeaning or hateful, or reflects the worst of American History.

  • tctw

    “TMZ, a.k.a. Official News Network of the Paula Deen Racism Scandal”

    Any sense of irony or self awareness behind that statement? For a couple/three weeks around 40% or more of your content has been Paula Deen oriented. I guess we can tag The Braiser as “The Official Food Website of the Paula Deen Racism Scandal”?

  • tctw

    Conflate much? What do Republican politicians, and the actions of others have to do with one woman admitting to using a racial slur?

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