A Reviewer Gets Kicked Out of Per Se in the Classiest Manner Possible

Immaculate Infatuation founder Chris Stang recently found himself reviewing a dinner for four at Per Se (which, we can’t do that much math, but whoa, that is a serious expense account) in which an internationally traveling party member found herself coming in late off a flight — 45 minutes late to be exact — but Stang chose to explain the situation to the staff and hope for the best.

The party was eventually seated and treated to dinner in full, but instead of being asked to leave after clearly having overstayed their reservation, they were treated to a “tour of the kitchen” that ended with the foursome exiting out a back door and landing in the foyer where the hostess was waiting with their coats: “About three minutes into our boring and seemingly pointless walkthrough, it occurred to me what was happening. We were being tastefully ejected.”

Chris writes [emphasis ours]:

“Clearly this situation is unique, and hopefully not something you’d encounter if you decided to visit Per Se. But it’s also not our first bad experience here. There seems to be this thing at Per Se where the staff acts like it’s your privilege to be in their restaurant. Instead of a warm welcome, it feels more like you’ve been granted access to the king’s palace, and they’re worried that you’re going to act like a commoner. Even when we came here previously to eat in the salon, our waiter treated us like we were sitting at the kid’s table during family dinner, and I wasn’t even the one who ended up spilling the wine. This guy dribbled on our placemat when he poured both of our glasses, and then he just walked away. That doesn’t happen at Daniel, no matter where you’re sitting. Then again, the staff at Daniel will also give you a tour of the kitchen that doesn’t end in sadness. All you have to do is ask.”

Dang, Keller staff, YA GOT BURNT.

[Immaculate Infatuation]

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  • KWDragon

    Sure, seems a little stuffy, but at a busy place, your reservation time is your time. Once you overstay that, you are on their time. At least Stang didn’t get a bum’s rush off his table in front of everyone, and I will bet the people who had reservations for his table were happy that their time was respected by the staff. Seems like Stang is the disrespectful one here.

  • kevink

    So they delated almost an hour at a booked-up restaurant, were *still* accomodated, and then after that dawdled for fifteen more minutes after paying the check? He’s an ass and shouldn’t have been treated as well as he was.

  • Ender

    Chris Stang sounds like a douche…

  • oneill.200

    As a restaurant reviewer you need to know and respect the way restaurants operate. If you can’t do that then you should look for other employment. It seems as if your career has given you a false sense of entitlement. You were the rude one here for not respecting proper dining etiquette. Make a reservation, arrive on time, if others in your party are going to be late then let the restaurant know, dine in the appropriate time allotted then move on so that others have the opportunity to dine as you did. Do not linger on bust nights. If you want to hog a table all night go out on slower evenings or stay home and cook in.

  • dr3

    The only thing this revealed about Per Se is that they are on their game and you are not. 45 mins late in NYC no matter what restaurant, is a stretch, and also, very rude. Per Se is booked a month in advance and the seatings are done in a very specific way so that everybody’s experience can run smoothly. They were incredibly kind to even seat you. On top of that, do you know how they have a new menu every day? After ever shift, probably at around midnight – 1pm, the chefs have to come up with a whole new menu for the next day. You didn’t even say a word about the food. I hope from this point on you are banned, and you most likely will be. You don’t deserve Per Se.

  • simplyashley

    What a treat! Not only did Chris’ party enjoy a meal at Per Se, they got a behind the scenes look into where the magic happens. I’m not sure what better ending this tardy, table could have experienced. Too bad for Mr. Stang’s bad manners and his inability to recognize an experience that many will never have.

  • StripedTees

    Per Se was accommodating to us when we were 45 minutes late. We were coming in from New Jersey on a weeknight and were somehow stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel for an hour. I called them every 15 minutes, letting them know we were on our way. We enjoyed the full menu, plus a couple of celebratory goodies, as we were celebrating a special anniversary.

    We did vacate our table as soon as the bill was paid, so we weren’t shooed out through the kitchen.

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