WATCH: Xanax Bunny Visits Preschool, Hides Anxiety Meds in Easter Egg Hunt

The Xanax Bunny visited one very special little girl during a school-sponsored Easter egg hunt in Roseville, Michigan, gifting her an Alprazolam-stuffed plastic egg. As any pharma bunny knows, that’s a generic form of Xanax, which Jezebel speculates may or should have been intended for the stressed-out parent of a sugar-hyped child. In any case, everyone was very mad about it, because no one trusts five-year-olds to tell the difference between a Skittle and a Xanax, which we think is a serious underestimation of five-year-old candy connoisseurship. Check out the story below.

[ABC Detroit h/t Jezebel]

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