Rachael Ray Is Launching A Food Truck… For Dogs?

This isn’t Rachael Ray’s first food truck — that honor goes to the Book Of Burger-mobile which tooled around New York City back in June — but it is her first food truck for dogs.

By now you are surely all familiar with the fact that Ray makes a brand of dog food called Nutrish. (It rhymes with de-lish!) As part of an upcoming promotion, Ray is debuting a dog food truck which will serve Nutrish’s various offerings (“Chicken Paw Pie” and “Hearty Beef Stew”, to name a couple) to NYC’s finest canines for three whole days, starting October 18.

A good portion of the proceeds of Nutrish’s sales go to animal rescue programs ($3 million has been donated to date) and the truck will also feature on-site adoptions sponsored by Best Friends Animal Society. Which is to say: it’s kind of hard to make fun of this.


  • icequeen09

    From all the reviews I’ve read about RR’s Nutrish it is one of the most unbalanced nutrition wise pet food out there. It has corn in it which is very bad for dogs and any owner who has tried it has panned it, myself included. Sorry but this venture is something any devoted and knowledgeable pet owner will surely avoid.

    Thank you but I’ll stick to brands I know and trust. Rachael should stick to human food and leave pet food to the experts.

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