WATCH: Rachael Ray Donated $500K To The ASPCA For Hurricane Relief, But Only $100K To Humans

At the end of the clip below, Rachael reveals that she, along with the partners for her “dog food made to human standards” brand Nutrish, donated $500,000 and 4 tons of food to the ASPCA for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Part of the money is also going towards building a shelter for Sandy-displaced animals. Had she stopped there, we might have thought to ourselves, “Wow, what an incredibly generous donation for the pets affected by the storm!”

But then she added that she also donated $100,000 from her own corporation Yum-O to City Harvest and Food Bank New York for human relief efforts.

So, in conclusion: $500,000 for pets; $100,000 for humans. We wonder how the kids versus dogs Christmas present haul stacks up at Rachael Ray’s house…

Check out the clip below.

  • icequeen09

    Her pet food is NOT highly rated in any survey I’ve read pertaining to pet food and gets panned regularly by dog owners.

  • KWDragon

    The quality of her products or her cooking aside, it’s still money within her control, and she can spend it any way she sees fit.

    Since pets are often lost and abandoned during disasters, I applaud that she stepped up and made a donation to help them. The humans are receiving assistance from other places as well, and she still gave to their cause.

    I’m not a big RR fan, but criticizing her for this seems like kinda of a low blow in the face of her (and her companies’) generosity.

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