Tonight In Food TV: The Season Finale Of Rachael Vs Guy Celebrity Cook-Off

You’ll have to find a new show to enjoy on Sunday nights while mourning the last few moments of your weekend with the dregs of a bottle of wine and leftovers, because Rachael Vs Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off declares a winner tonight.

We have no idea by what twist of TV production Carnie Wilson found her way into the finale, but she’s going up against shoe-in for the prize Dean McDermott, who has both a pregnant wife at home, and is playing for a “culinary career” as he plans to launch his “Gourmet Dad” shtick. Sorry, Carnie. Your chances seem bleak.

Check out a sneak peek of tonight’s challenge below.

  • KWDragon

    This felt like a fix from the get-go, which is why I never watched the show.

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