WATCH: And The Winner Of Rachael Vs Guy Celebrity Cook-Off Season 2 Is…

Last night’s Season 2 finale of Rachael Vs Guy Celebrity Cook-Off pitted Team Rachael finalist Carnie Wilson against Team Guy finalist Dean McDermott in a three-course dinner party for twelve. The guests were a bunch of “master chefs” we had never heard of before, dazzling-toothed comedienne Kathy Griffin, and the heads of both Dean and Carnie’s charities.

While Dean seemed to have an edge with his restaurant quality presentation, Carnie Wilson more than caught up to him by keeping her dishes simple and well-executed. So with Dean falling short on an overreached menu, who ultimately took the title?

Still Dean! Yeah, this seemed totally rigged from jumpstreet. From dubbing himself “The Gourmet Dad” and claiming he was playing for the validation to kick off his “culinary career,” to being the only cast member to receive Guy Fieri-delivered heartfelt messages from his pregnant wife, Dean pretty much seemed like the producers’ pick from the get-go. Especially since he only won by a single vote, and none of his dinner party dishes were well-executed, whereas all of Carnie’s came together.

Check out the big reveal below, and if you drunkenly tune into this time slot next week by accident forgetting that the series ended, worry not! Worst Cooks in America premieres next Sunday in its place.

  • KWDragon

    If the producers are going to so obviously rig these cooking shows, they should expect that their audiences may not follow.

    For example, as much as I am a huge fan of Chopped, I am over the “most heart-tugging story” wins gambit. Everyone seems to have had a rough childhood, a dying parent or a sick kid. Memo to the producers: it should be about the cooking and the food. Period. I grasp the “human element,” but not when it dominates your narrative.

    For me, Chopped has moved from “must see” TV to, “eh, if nothing else is on…” I can’t tell you how that saddens me, and I’m probably not alone. Take the hint Food Network.

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