Reminder: Food Network’s Thanksgiving Live Is Happening Right Now

It’s the time of the year when Alex Guarnaschelli, Alton Brown, Aarón Sanchez, Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, Jeff Mauro, Rachael Ray, Ree Drummond and Sunny Anderson gather together on The Food Network and host their version of a PBS phone-a-thon: Thanksgiving Live! Watch your favorite chefs tell you how to and how to not cook your Thanksgiving dinner, and give them a call if you have any questions that are burning faster than the paper bag full of giblets you accidentally left in the turkey.

It’s airing right now and goes until 2 PM. (Alton tweeted that photo earlier today.) Go on. Make yourself a better person.

[The Food Network]

  • KWDragon

    I did watch this (as Alton Brown can do no wrong in my world), but I enjoyed his special appearance on the Mythbusters Sunday night even more! Watching him prep that turkey (and cook a whole dinner in a car) was the highlight of my pre-T-giving festivities.

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