WATCH: A Handy Guide To All The Restaurants Banning Your Screaming Kids

Personally, there’s nothing we love more than a precocious six-year-old in a smart pantsuit reveling in the sublime brininess of a dollop of uni at Le Bernardin. But not all restaurants are as tolerable of your tiny nugget-eaters. Ironically, it seems to be mostly casual restaurants with kid-friendly menus implementing the child-ban across the country (a barbecue place? Really?).

Weekend Today ran a story conveniently highlighting some of the spots with anti-child policies in place, where you can direct your letters of complaint. We suggest smugly breastfeeding your well-behaved little one between courses at Alinea and then spamming these restaurants’ Facebook walls with thumbs-up pics of you and Grant Achatz. Or Instagram your exceedingly polite tot’s special plate of bacon-wrapped scallops from the chef at your local white tablecloth joint, and tag these places in retaliation. Go nuts!

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  • KWDragon

    I really don’t blame the restaurants in these scenarios. I think parents have become more lax in their parenting and, in turn, more tolerant of behavior that does not belong in any public space. My kids ate at nice restaurants from time to time because they knew that if they misbehaved, they would lose the chance to do it again. If your child is too young to understand actions and consequences, your child is too young to be at one of these restaurants. Save it as a treat for them when they get older, and hire a sitter so you and fellow patrons can enjoy the meal.

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