WATCH: Law & Order’s Richard Belzer Shuts Down Candice Kumai On Iron Chef America

On this week’s Iron Chef America, New York City chef Franklin Becker battled Iron Chef Jose Garces in Kitchen Stadium with haddock as their mystery ingredient. Judges Richard Belzer of Law & Order fame and Raul De Molina seemed to be on the same page in critiquing Becker’s dishes, even dubbing one “The Cadillac” of fish and chips. But, of course, somebody’s always gotta be the critic, and that somebody is usually the most annoying. Candice Kumai, AKA The Stiletto Chef, nitpicked Franklin’s dishes to death. And while we usually appreciate this quality at the judges’ table, it was pretty clear that she was trying way too hard to sound like an expert while Belzer and De Molina shot down her complaints at every turn. Come on, guys, at least pretend to take the girl seriously. No? Okay.

Check out the clip below.

  • KWDragon

    I don’t think her comments on the dishes were meant to be showy or pretentious; she was just commenting on the food, as she was hired to do.

    There is a disturbing trend, on Food Network shows and other cooking-related sites, to “shout down” female judges and contestants.

    If they don’t agree (in lockstep) with the male judges, offering their opinions of concession only after the men have spoken, they are demeaned, ignored or ridiculed. And I think The Braiser fed into that misogyny with the phrasing of this article.

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