WATCH: Richard Blais Sort Of Participates On CNN’s Starting Point

Poor Richard Blais generously agreed to sit on the panel of CNN’s Starting Point for two whole hours this morning with nary a food story on the agenda. He nestled in amongst his fellow panelists (congresspeople!) and tried his best to remain alert and attentive, while very very few talking points were lobbed his way.

Blessedly, lest he sit pretty in a jaunty pink tie and gingham button-down all morning, Soledad O’Brien asked him to weigh in on the RNC’s “autopsy report” released over the weekend analyzing the 2012 Presidential Race.

Wipe that grimace off your face; he totally handled himself with aplomb! Check out the ever-charming Blais’ four-sentence-appearance below.

  • KWDragon

    That was an excellent, no-nonsense, common sense answer. They need fewer politicos around the table and more Richard Blais.

    They looked a little stunned that he gave such a cogent answer to such a softball question. It’s clear that O’Brien & panel didn’t expect much and got more than they bargained for.

    Sadly, I wonder if they ran him down in the ensuing conversation, as they tend to do when a guest on the panel tries to actually contribute intelligently to the conversation.

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