WATCH: Zen and the Art of Pizza-Making, Roberta’s Style

As engaging as pizza can be on the regular, we’ve never been quite so mesmerized by vast quantities of shiny, sticky dough as in this video from Roberta’s, which takes us behind the scenes of their pizza-making venture. In it, president and founder Chris Parachini, pizza czar Anthony Falco, and head pizzaiola Lauren Calhoun explain the zen art of dough-proofing and how they gently steer comfort-seeking stoners to transcendent ingredient combinations. Check out the video below.

[h/t Eater NY]

  • Polly_Tics

    It’s good to know this place makes great and thoughtful pizza, however if I were to just drive by, I would never go there…never. It looks dirty and slap dash in appearance which brings to mind health hazards along with finding creepy things that we did not order in our pies.

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