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It’s Snowing Like Crazy; Here Are Our Favorite Snow-Inspired Molecular Creations

The weather outside (on the East Coast) is frightful, etc., except without all the cheeriness of Christmas, because Snowstorm Pax a February blizzard. Not cool, Pax. What are we supposed to do in February? Cuddle up with our Valentines? Gross. No one wants to do that. And what about single people? Frankly, the only solution we could think of to pass the time was looking through all of our favorite snow-inspired molecular gastronomy creations. Please don’t start playing with liquid nitrogen canisters in your kitchen at home as a result of looking at these, because we don’t know how long it will take an ambulance to come for you if you accidentally freezeburn your tongue off. But do look at these whimsical culinary winterscapes and fantasize that the outside world is your edible snow oyster, by all means.

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