Soup For America: Seinfeld’s ‘Soup Nazi’ Going Nationwide In Food Trucks

He may no longer want to be known as “The Soup Nazi,” but Al Yeganeh, the soup kiosk owner and the inspiration behind the greatest episode of Seinfeld ever, is not adverse to cashing in on his cultural notoriety. The Original Soup Man Company announced recently that they would start franchising the soup recipes to between 80 and 100 trucks nationwide, for a hefty total price of $100,000 per truck.

And in case you were wondering, yes, you will be getting the legendarily amazing soups, according to CEO Lloyd Sugarman. “[Yeganeh] makes all the soups. He’s a soup genius,” Sugarman told the New York Post. “There’s nothing that comes in without his approval. He’s still very protective of his recipes. He gets the royalties on all soups . . . and makes money on every box of soup sold in stores.”

Counterintuitively, we think that the company could make even more money by completely reenacting the below Seinfeld scene every day.

  • KWDragon

    I had some of his Lobster Bisque at a Nathan’s Famous in Red Bank, NJ. It was a small bowl, and it was very good, but it was $11.


    Again, good, but not worth it. Seriously. It was a novelty for me. I can’t imagine what the trucks are going to have to charge to make up a $100K franchise fee.

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