WATCH: Every Single Food Ad From The Super Bowl

This was a pretty solid year for Super Bowl food ads — as you can see below, eleven of them managed to air between kickoff and the end of the game, with extra time allowed for that blackout — but in terms of sheer wit and cleverness, we have to single out Oreos for a double whammy of televised and social media ad own-age.

First, their extremely clever Library Ad:

Then, an hour later, when the power went out in the Superdome:

Everyone else, good job, bloody good showing, hmmm, yes:


Coca Cola: Mirage




Taco Bell (Featuring Doritos)


Bud Light (Lucky Chair)



BONUS: “God Made A Farmer,” by Dodge (and parent company Fiat, which owns New Holland Agriculture, the company that manufactures all the farming equipment seen in this ad. Clever synergy, no?)

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