Amanda Cohen

Your Word of the Day, Thanks to Amanda Cohen: ‘Drunkatarian’

Breakfast Links: Nope, We Don’t Want an Uni, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich

Women in Food Unite! 11 Truths from Cherry Bombe’s Jubilee

TIME Magazine Writes Article About How Their ‘Gods of Food’ List Excluded Women, Eats Itself

The New York Times Does The ‘Lady Chef Debate’ Right by Actually Asking Female Chefs for Their Opinion

After Reading Amanda Cohen’s Response to TIME, We Declare Her Ruler of Lady Chefs

WATCH: Curtis Stone Not Happy About Lab-Grown Hamburger, Calls Research ‘Misguided’

Lady Chef Stampede: Mexico’s Official Executive Chef Just Closed Her Restaurant To Open A Catering Biz

Lady Chef Stampede: Okay, Rosa Lewis Is THE Most Badass Lady Chef, Ever

Lady Chef Stampede: Here’s Why Amy Scherber Is The One Baker Ever To Be Profiled In This Column

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