Bobby Deen

Paula Deen’s Sorry for Brownface Tweet, Not for Brownface Itself

WATCH: Paula Deen’s Christmas Is Perhaps a Nightmare

VIDEO: Paula Deen on Herself 1 Year Ago (After That Nasty Discrimination Lawsuit and Brouhaha): ‘I Was a Woman in Trauma’

WATCH: Bobby Dean Co-Hosts The View, Is Confused About Why Megyn Kelly’s White Santa Rant Is an Issue

WATCH: Jamie & Bobby Deen Say Their Mom Isn’t Racist Because She Once Bought Hank Aaron PJs

WATCH: Rachael Ray Completely Loses Control Of Her Show To Paula Deen

Paula Deen Addresses National Enquirer Rumors With A Sassy Twitter Photo For Y’All

WATCH: Mario Batali Lobs A Faulkner Joke Over Bobby Deen’s Head, Rebounds With Simpler Sex Joke

WATCH: Daniel Boulud Sulks Over Morimoto’s Sushi Cake On The Chew

Bobby Deen Is His Mother’s Handsome, Healthier, Neurotic Alter Ego

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