Burger King

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Explains The Whopperito, Burger King’s Whopper / Burrito Combo

A Guy Legally Changed His Name To “Bacon Double Cheeseburger”: Last Call

Burger King is Going to Start Selling the Hot Dogs No One Asked for: Last Call

The Most Sexist Food Ads Of All Time

Wendy’s and Burger King Have Beef, and More: Last Call

Fast Food Quick Bites: The Pope Changes at Burger King, Minions Curse Out McDonald’s

Burger King Russia Offers New Lease on Breasts Via “Uber for Boobs”

13 People Who Are Way Upset By Burger King’s Move to Canada

Global Fast-Food Worker Strike Planned for Next Week

Kimye NOT Becoming Burger King Mogels, But Hey, BK Still Wants to Cater the Wedding

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