burger lab with richard blais

WATCH: Richard Blais Serves America A Birthday Cake Made Of Beef And Pork Belly

WATCH: Lobster Feminist Richard Blais Reminds Us Why Female Lobsters Taste Better

WATCH: Richard Blais Attempts A Dim Sum Burger, Arousing Ire Of Asian YouTube Trolls

WATCH: Richard Blais Resorts To ‘Gratuitous YouTube Pandering’ With This Cute Kitty

WATCH: Richard Blais Declares Velveeta ‘Molecular Gastronomy At Its Finest’

WATCH: Richard Blais Expects Us To Spherify Horseradish While Drunk In New Burger Lab

WATCH: Stop Everything, Buy Groceries At Ikea, And Make Richard Blais’ Ikea Burger, Stat

WATCH: Richard Blais Brings Some Friends To Burger Lab, Tosses Them In Hot Oil

Last Call: Jimmy Kimmel Takes On Sarah Palin’s Big Gulp Stunt ‘In Other News From 2009′

Last Call: David Chang Doesn’t Believe In Your MSG Migraine

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