Wayback Burger Goes on Kanye West-Style Twitter Rant Looking for Hamburglar

The Hamburglar is Real: Man Breaks into Five Guys, Makes a Burger, Cleans up After Himself, Leaves

MasterChef: Murder, Death, Crime and Tragedy

Chef Jamie Oliver’s London Home Burglarized

Starbucks Wants You Working, Taco Bell’s Wifi Woes, Chipotle Carnitas Back and Expensive!

Subway Slims Down Relationship With Jared Fogle Following Kiddie Porn Probe

Diddy To Lose Booze Business If Assault Charges Stick

Julian Niccolini, Four Seasons Restaurateur, Charged With Sexual Abuse

Overcharging World Trade Center Hot Dog Cart Vendor Loses Job

DC Murder Suspect Identified by Spare Domino’s Pizza Crust

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