dale talde

The 13 Highest-Winning Top Chef-testants Of All Time

Big Gay Ice Cream Guys on Smoking Pot with Tom Colicchio; Suge Knight

Betting on Top Chef Duels, Episode 6: Dale Talde Versus Tiffani Faison (Updated with Winner)

LAST CALL: Chefs’ Thanksgiving F*** Ups Make Us Feel a Lot Better About Our Own

Last Call: Grant Achatz to Open ‘AIRlinea’ in O’hare’s Economy Parking Lot…Psych

Last Call: 500 Years Ago, We All Would Have Burned at the Stake for Being Whiskey Witches

Chefs Hoping For ‘Straight F*ckin’ Cash’ Ended Up ‘Bummed’ By GoogaMooga

Top Chef Season 11 Gets A Green Light, Hosts Open Calls In Ex-Top Chefs’ Restos

WATCH: Padma Slams Josie & Bourdain, Reveals Top Chef-testants She’d Hook Up With

Top Chef Alums Join Forces To Host Hurricane Sandy Relief Dinner

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