Go Fork Yourself

Andrew Zimmern: Stop Putting Food and Chefs on a Pedestal, America

Confession Corner: Josh Ozersky and Andrew Zimmern Prefer Their High-Quality Steaks Cooked Medium-Well

Andrew Zimmern Reveals Proper Celeb Chef-Spotting Etiquette

Andrew Zimmern’s Holiday Road Trip Tips: Try Pairing Sour Patch Kids & Cheese!

Andrew Zimmern On Brian Malarkey: ‘I Am Always Suspicious Of Men Who Botox’

Andrew Zimmern Presents An Idiot’s Guide To The 2013 James Beard Awards In One Easy Podcast

Andrew Zimmern Wonders Why Papacy Can’t Be More Like Law & Order: SVU Cameos

Andrew Zimmern Slams Roy Choi’s Spam Endorsement On Go Fork Yourself

Andrew Zimmern Defends His Security Detail, Praises The ‘Fake Boob On Display’ At SoBe WFF On Go Fork Yourself

Andrew Zimmern: ‘The Most Exciting Food In The Country Might Be At Manresa’

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