Ilan Hall

The Best Thing We Ate This Week (so far): The Latke Festival

Top Chef: Where Are They Now? Ilan Hall

WATCH: Aziz Ansari Launches Food Club Web Series, Bestows Plaques upon Favorite Chefs

WATCH: Ilan Hall Teaches Jimmy Fallon and Questlove How To Stuff Sausage, No One’s Masculinity Is Preserved

WATCH: Knife Fight Season 2 Gets Premiere Date

Breakfast Links: Giada DeLaurentiis Wins #FlashbackFriday Always

Tonight in Food TV: Knife Fight Sets Multiple Fires in Ilan Hall’s Kitchen

Tonight in Food TV: Knife Fight’s Semi-Legal Foods Battles, Featuring Haggis and Foie Gras

WATCH: Knife Fight Brings You Cod Sperm Kumquat Hot Toddies

Last Call: Heart Attack Grill Owner Admits His Food ‘Will Kill You’ (No Duh)

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