john tesar

John Tesar, Josh Ozersky Writing a Meat-tastic Cookbook

Influential to Infamous: The Chefs, Restaurants, and Food Names Who Made 2014

Hot On The Burner: Eleven Madison Can Do No Wrong

Leslie Brenner on Restaurant Criticism (and John Tesar): ‘I Don’t Work for Chefs, I Work for Readers’

John Tesar Inks Reality Show Deal, Declares ‘The Era of the Critic Over’

Alan Sytsma: Rants Like John Tesar’s Make Diners Feel Unwelcomed

Every Rage Tweet John Tesar Fired Off in Response to Leslie Brenner’s 3-Star Review

Last Call, Video Flashback Edition: Anthony Bourdain’s ‘A Krampus Carol’ Story

John Tesar Craps on Bon Appetit’s 50 Best New Restaurant List, Gets Nominated Anyway

Zen And The Art Of The Comeback: John Tesar’s Not Crying Anymore

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