marilyn hagerty

Marilyn Hagerty Goes on NPR, Might Be the Most Sincere Restaurant Critic in America

WATCH: Marylin Hagerty Goes to Le Cirque

WATCH: Marilyn Hagerty Reviews the Cronut for America

Last Call: Anthony Bourdain’s Foreword to Marilyn Hagerty’s Book Claims it ‘Kills Snark Dead’

Last Call: This Ain’t Your Normal “Barbecue Shack Flying A Confederate Flag” Story

Last Call: Brian Malarkey Does Everything Loudly, And Classified Ads Are No Exception

According Andrew Zimmern, Marcel Vigneron And Marilyn Hagerty Are A Couple

Padma Lakshmi Forgot To Tell Marilyn Hagerty When Her Top Chef Episode Was Airing

John Mariani Slams Big Gay Ice Cream, Bourdain, Bastianich, Blumenthal, Redzepi, & Mission Chinese

WATCH: The First 10 Minutes Of Tonight’s Top Chef Seattle Quickfire With Marilyn Hagerty!

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