Michael Bloomberg

Last Call: Police Break Up Swarm Of Eagles Attacking Truck Full Of Raw Salmon, Three Guesses As To Where This Happened

Apparently Butter Was Banned From NYC Public Schools In 2008 And No One Noticed

Why Bloomberg’s Tiny Anti-Obesity Sodas Could Totally Backfire

WATCH: Bloomberg’s Soda Ban Inspiration? Hoping to Out-Live His Enemies

Your Morning Tweet: On The Morning After St. Patrick’s Day, Everyone Is Spanglish

LIVESTREAM: Judge Strikes Down Beverage Ban Citing Bloomberg’s ‘Overreach’, Mayor To Hold Press Conference In Response

A Just-In-Case Guide To The Bevpocalypse

New Yorkers ‘Go Through All Stages Of Grief’ For Having To Sweeten Own Coffee

Last Call: Chefs Pose With Adorable Wild Animals At The SoBe Wine & Food Festival

Shake Shack Forced To Post Calorie Counts Thanks To Michael Bloomberg

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