Natalie Morales

11 Most Disastrous Morning Show Cooking Segments Of 2012

WATCH: Sazeracs With Martha Stewart At 9AM? Sure, Why Not

WATCH: Mark Bittman’s Meatloaf Rouses Al Roker From His Sick Bed

WATCH: Giada De Laurentiis Almost Wipes Out Teaching DIY Twinkies

WATCH: Savannah Guthrie Cooks Dinner All By Herself on Today…With The Help Of Two Sous Chefs

WATCH: Lidia Bastianich Accuses Meredith Viera Natalie Morales Of Being ‘Parsimonious’

WATCH: Natalie Morales’ Dog Ambushes Mark Bittman’s Bacon Segment On Today

WATCH: Tim Love Skewers Natalie Morales With His Charms On Today

WATCH: John DeLucie Needs A Lesson In Lobster Anatomy…And Spelling

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