On The Table

WATCH: Zac Posen Demonstrates Surprisingly Good Cooking Skills to Eric Ripert

WATCH: Wylie Dufresne And Eric Ripert Debate Cooking Philosophy On The Table

WATCH: Eric Ripert & Jay McInerney Describe Wine In Terms Of Angelina Jolie’s Breasts, Probably Get An Editor Fired

John Tesar Talks Celebrity, Mommy Issues, And The Other Mrs. Bourdain

WATCH: Drew Barrymore And Eric Ripert Drink Wine Out Of Styrofoam Cups

WATCH: A Fatherly Eric Ripert Teaches Elizabeth Olsen How To Chop Garlic

WATCH: Chrissy Teigen Is The Swearing-est Guest Ever On Eric Ripert’s On The Table

Eric Ripert Can Tell ‘With His Eyes’ If The Fish In Front Of Him Is Mislabeled

WATCH: Marcus Samuelsson And Eric Ripert Cook Fusion Food With Fantastic European Accents

WATCH: Roger Waters Teaches Eric Ripert To Play ‘Wish You Were Here’ On Guitar

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