playing with fire

Playing With Fire’s Julie Elkind Leaves Delicatessen After Just 4 Months

WATCH: Derek Koch Pops The Question, Wins Unofficial Playing With Fire Proposal Contest

Tonight In Food TV: Playing With Fire Season Ends With Another Proposal

WATCH: Koch Twins Brawl On Playing With Fire

Tonight In Food TV: The Koch Twins Finally Beat The Crap Out Of Each Other

WATCH: Candice Kumai Crashes And Burns In Humiliating Attempt At ‘Food Journalism’

Tonight In Food TV: Candice Kumai Tries To Pass As A Journalist With Hipster Glasses

WATCH: Julie Elkind’s Boyfriend Proposes In The Worst Possible Way

Tonight In Food TV: Todd English’s Playing With Fire Is Worth Staying In On A Friday Night

Tonight In Food TV: Worst Cooks In America’s Season Finale, Plus E!’s Playing With Fire Just Starts To Get Good

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