robert sietsema

Robert Sietsema’s Top Chef-Related Christmas Wishes

Last Call: Man Eats Brie on Subway, Gets New York Mag Writeup

Last Call: Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

Last Call: Hooters, of All Places, Makes a Stand against Sexual Harassment (Kind Of)

Robert Sietsema Goes On Rejuvenating Post-Breakup Trip To Atlantic City

Robert Sietsema Can’t Help But Review Restaurants, Brings New Diss Column To Eater

Robert Sietsema Praises Eater’s ‘Strict Ethical Standards’

Eater Snatches Up Newly Unemployed Robert Sietsema

Critic Robert Sietsema ‘Unceremoniously’ Fired From The Village Voice

Your Morning Tweet: Robert Sietsema Misses The Simple Things

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