Six Dollar Footlong Doesn’t Have The Same Ring: Last Call

Wanted Criminal Found in a Subway Across From Police Station: Last Call

Subway Slims Down Relationship With Jared Fogle Following Kiddie Porn Probe

Breakfast Links: Olive Garden Experiments with Kale, Because Trends!

Subway Tests Hummus In Continued Effort To Make Us Hate Our Favorite Things

Subway Pays Its Employees The Lowest Wages in Fast Food

Breakfast Links: We’re Over Human Chefs, Look at Computer Chefs!

Last Call: Subway Teams Up With Hunger Games for a New Promotion, Which, Uh…

Last Call: Sweet Baby Moses Floating in the Reeds, There Are VEGANS in the NFL!

French Subway Franchise Refuses To Honor Valentine’s Day Deal For Gay Couples

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