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WATCH: Guy Fieri’s The Talk Demo Devolves Into Bizarre Balsamic Racism

WATCH: Nigella Lawson Blows Our Mind With Chocolate Pasta On The Talk

WATCH: Emeril Lagasse Hawks Ritz Crackers As The Taste Of New Orleans

WATCH: Jamie Deen Hawks Veggies To Kids Like Only The Deens Would

WATCH: Susan Feniger Confuses Sharon Osbourne With ‘Rotten Bananas’

WATCH: Lidia Bastianich Frowns Upon Grown Women Drinking Wine Out Of The Carafe

WATCH: Before Ed Lee Became A Chef, He Was In The Circus

WATCH: Wolfgang Puck’s Greatest Celeb Chef Skill Is Flirting Like A Dirty Old Man

WATCH: Giada Stacks Up Cooking For Will & Kate Against Cooking For The Golden Globes

WATCH: Boris Kodjoe Makes Man-Sex Jokes At Susan Feniger

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