Top Chef Seattle

2013 Prediction Results, A Self Evaluation: Did We Get It Right?

Zen And The Art Of The Comeback: John Tesar’s Not Crying Anymore

John Tesar On Top Chef Inspiration, Producer Interference, And How The Show Ruins Careers

John Tesar Talks Celebrity, Mommy Issues, And The Other Mrs. Bourdain

Former Top Chef-testant Carla Pellegrino’s Cat Allegedly Murdered

Your Morning Tweet: Tom Colicchio Hates To Break It To You, But…

WATCH: Gail Simmons Addresses Top Chef Seattle Finale-Gate On Today

Top Chef Seattle Power Rankings: Who Won The Most Money On Season 10?

Week In Review, February 25 – March 3: Horse Meat, Harlem Shake, And Twinkies

WATCH: Who’s The Top Chef Seattle Fan Favorite? Not Josh Valentine’s Mustache

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