New York Resorts to Shooting Feral Pigs from Helicopters

Chart Porn: The USDA Goes Nuts with 2013’s Best Food Charts

LIST: Here’s What Happens to Your Food When the Government Shuts Down

7 States Resume Buying ‘Pink Slime’ for School Lunches, Point to Budget Cuts, Nutritional Standards as Culprit

Last Call: What Your Facebook ‘Likes’ Say About You (That You’re Obese)

Obama Proposal Would Prevent Slaughtering Horses For Meat; Horse Meat News Canters On

WATCH: Mario Batali Slams ‘The Hipsters At The USDA’ For Changing Meat Cut Names

Oops. USDA Massively Fudges The Number Of People Collecting Food Stamps

YAY: Meat Inspectors Won’t Get Furloughed During Sequester

Last Call: Calm Down, There’s No Chicken Wing Shortage, Just Like There Was No Baconpocalypse

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