Alex Stupak Jokingly Threatens to Cannibalize Vegans, Vegans Predictably Freak Out

Forbes Outs Al Gore As Secret Vegan

Last Call: Sweet Baby Moses Floating in the Reeds, There Are VEGANS in the NFL!

WATCH: Aziz Anzari And Reggie Watts Sing About Feeding Cheese To Vegans

Thug Kitchen Will Now Be A F***ing Hardbound Cookbook

Vegan Calls Next Menu ‘Inherently Unvegan’

WATCH: Art Smith Got Moby To Perform At His Wedding By Promising A Vegan Afterparty

FOOD PORN: ‘Thug Kitchen’ Meme Edition

Steve-O Feels Great As A Vegan, Could’ve Just Cut Back On Rats

WATCH: Introducing The World’s Only Vegan Strip Club, Courtesy Of Portlandia (NSFW)

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