Wylie Dufresne

Watch This Documentary About The Last Days of Wylie Dufresne’s WD-50

Rosio Sanchez Opens Copenhagen Taco Stand; Wylie Dufresne Making Sandwiches

It’s Snowing Like Crazy; Here Are Our Favorite Snow-Inspired Molecular Creations

Wylie Dufresne Would Use Foie Gras In His Super Bowl Snacks

Influential to Infamous: The Chefs, Restaurants, and Food Names Who Made 2014

WATCH: Wylie Dufresne Gets Emotional in Trailer for The Last Days of wd~50

Where Have All the Female Chef Mentors Gone?

Guess How Much Wylie Dufresne Made Selling Tickets to the Last Days of WD~50

WATCH: Wylie Dufresne Talks Rent, Eggs Benedict

WATCH: A Conversation Between Massimo Bottura and Wylie Dufresne on All Things Culinary and Challenging

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