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The Logo For ABC’s The Taste Looks Strangely Familiar

Though we haven’t heard much information about the Anthony Bourdain/Nigella Lawson/Ludo Lefebvre/Brian Malarkey TV cooking competition, details are slowly leaking from ABC regarding The Taste — and a new Facebook page has even more news. (It seems like only yesterday that they announced the show!)

First off, someone at ABC is a bit of a Hobbit-head, because the newly-revealed logo looks almost exactly like the Eye of Sauron from The Lord of the Rings movies. (See above.)

Second, the show has a two-hour premiere on January 22nd at 8 PM EST. Bust out your advent calendars!

Third, simply by viewing the cover photo, we must commend whomever tamed Ludo Lefebvre’s wild wardrobe, slicked down his hair, and made him wear a tie. (There’s even a tie clip! God, he looks like a rebel Pete Campbell.)



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