WATCH: The Only Thing You Need To Pay Attention To In These Sneak Peeks Of The Taste Are Malarkey’s Flood Pants

Here are three very brief sneak peeks of next week’s episode of The Taste we got ahold of, none of which properly tease the big news, which is that Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone are the guest judges.

The clips below mostly show Ludo snapping at people on his team, Malarkey snapping at people on Ludo’s team, and the people on Malarkey’s team snapping at themselves. Of course, the best part is that Brian is asserting himself in this aggressive manner all while wearing a pink button-down, a green bowtie, a blazer, and rolled up jeans.

Somewhere backstage, Anthony Bourdain is drunkenly demanding, “Where’s the flood?”

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