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WATCH: TMZ Slams Rachael Ray for Her Weight (and For Liking Soup) and We Feel Icky About It

Oh TMZ, you just revel in being dicks sometimes, don’t you?

First off, TMZ staffers: Rachael Ray is hardly what you’d call “obese.” Just because you throw in a “SHE LOOKS GREAT, BTW” does not get you off the hook for slamming her two seconds later for putting on weight (a debatable fact, btw). And also, who doesn’t like soup! Who doesn’t want to eat comfort food right now? Ray is right, you know!

So go ahead and “eat your feelings,” TMZ — Ray will eat your heart out. All the way to the bank, motherfuckers. (Also, you spelled her name wrong.)


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5 thoughts on “WATCH: TMZ Slams Rachael Ray for Her Weight (and For Liking Soup) and We Feel Icky About It

  1. Maybe if she didn’t gloat all the time on her show about being a “size 6″, which she clearly is NOT anymore, the tabloids would be kinder to her! And shame on you for not reporting on her falling out with her cousin after her aunt died at her mother’s house, and neither she nor her mother attended the funeral. Look, I don’t care if your cousin is wrong to blame you for her mother’s death, you should attend your aunt’s (or your sister’s) funeral. There was no reason she (and especially her mother) shouldn’t have gone. Plus, she lies about being “half Sicilian”. Her grandmother’s maiden name was “Christine Scott” (it’s on the census record). She acts like she learned everything about cooking from her Sicilian grandfather, meanwhile he died when she was only 5 years old. She is a liar and they are beneath contempt in my book, sorry. But by all means, continue to defend her!

  2. ha ha ha. ha ha ha.

    Man, Ronnie Boxall is going to make the staff at The Braiser become nostalgic for when it was only me and KWDragon who were the only readers of The Braiser.

    ABC Eddie Huang would say of Ronnie Boxall: “He is craaaaa-craaaaaaa”.

    Ha ha ha.

  3. Oh yeah, I’m crazy alright. Crazy enough to speak the truth. And you sound like one of those stupid know it all millennial trolls that gets their kicks insulting people for their opinions on Youtube and internet blogs. Right back atcha, asshole!

  4. Ronnie Boxall wrote: “And you sound like one of those stupid know it all millennial trolls…”

    But I do know more than you.

    “stupid know it all”

    Which one is it, am I stupid or do I know it all?

    That is like other oxymora such as jumbo shrimp, irregular pattern, alone together, and Sane Ronnie Boxall.

  5. No, I’m pretty sure you don’t know more than me. You don’t even know who I am. I am 56 years old and a foodie from way back in NYC. I didn’t spend my formative years insulting people on blogs and actually learned something constructive.

    And BTW, “stupid know it all” is not an oxymoron. (The only moron of any kind around here is you.) A know it all THINKS they know everything, but that doesn’t mean they actually DO. They usually don’t by a long shot. Like you. Which makes calling them stupid perfectly consistent. I’m sure you probably won’t even understand that logic, so I probably shouldn’t even bother trying to explain it to you. But then again I never claimed to be a “know it all”!

    Happy New Year, troll! Hope the bridge you live under collapses on you, LOL!

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