How Tom Colicchio’s Turkey Became A Trending Topic On Twitter

Tom Colicchio’s turkey technique, expertly showcased by the Magical Elves on this week’s Thanksgiving-themed Top Chef episode, was a big hit at tables across the country this year.

The tried and true Colicchio Method involves butter-stuffing the crap out of your bird — in the main cavity, under the skin, rubbed on the outside, butter, butter everywhere. He’s also pro-basting. (You can find his complete Tom’s Turkey recipe here.)

But how do we know it was so popular? Because he started a Twitter trend about it, of course.

“Lets trend this #tomsturkey” he tweeted, and within minutes, fans were responding with photos of their results.

“50% decrease in Thanksgiving Day domestic violence… I’m guessing #tomsturkey made drunken crazy husbands calmer. mmm butttttahhh!” one fan wrote.

Proof? Here’s one husband’s success: “Wife said the turkey (first one I ever cooked) was ‘stupid good!’ Thanks @tomcolicchio #tomsturkey”

Bravo, Tom. We’ll give it a whirl come Christmastime, perhaps, if we aren’t feeling like those assholes who prefer goose.


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