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Tonight, You Can Watch Alton Brown And Anthony Bourdain Visit Strippers In Atlanta

Months ago, we caught a string of tweets between Alton Brown and Anthony Bourdain — whom we shall now refer to as AB^2, because we can — in which they bro’d out at each other after a long night of partying at a strip club. Yes, it was for an episode of The Layover, as everyone and their (flustered) mothers suggested, but now it’s official: tonight, Bourdain dines in Atlanta and maybe visits Richard Blais; tonight, Brown schleps him around the ATL and explains the intricacies of a strip club with a bevy of “uhs” and “ahs”; tonight, they watch a woman crush a beer can in her tiggle bitties.

The Layover airs tonight at 9PM EST on The Travel Channel.

[Food Network Gossip]

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