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WATCH: The Mouthiest Top Chef Judges’ Table in History

Who wins mouthiest Top Chef-testant of last night’s Restaurant Wars losing team? Justin firing at Sarah that the waitstaff’s tickets “were written in crazytalk”? Sarah’s unthinkably snide backtalk to the judges when they critiqued her front of house skills? This is the one time those obnoxious social media poll graphics on the screen were welcome: when asked if Sarah went home because of her food or her attitude, a whopping 92% of fans voted attitude. Duh.

That beehive swathed in scarves every color of the rainbow is fierce, homegirl, but you did NOT just mouth off to Gail Simmons. Also, aggressively defending something followed by a measured, if bitter, “I apologize for that” three times in a row isn’t making you look better. It’s actually making you look remarkably like this guy.

Check out the losing team’s Judges’ Table from last night’s Restaurant Wars below.

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